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Read below for all of the information about our fees.

Our Fees

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At Wimbledon Babysitting, we offer transparent Pricing and affordable childcare fees

Registration fees

Welcome to Our Childcare Family, View Our Registration Fees and Membership Options:

One – off booking – £25
Monthly Membership – £15 a month (3 month minimum)


Sitters Rates

A non- refundable £5 booking fee will be charged per booking. A booking fee of £6 will apply in the event of less than 24 hours notice.

£12 an hour after 6pm
£13 an hour before 6pm


Nanny Placement fees

The following fees will apply if a permanent position is offered to one of registered babysitters:

1 DAY A WEEK: £100
2 DAYS A WEEK: £200
3 DAYS A WEEK: £300
4 DAYS A WEEK: £400
5 DAYS A WEEK: £500



Payment Notes

Payment: You will be expected to pay the sitter in cash at the end of the evening Charging: We charge by the half hour (rounded up) e.g. 7.30 pm to 10.45pm charged as 3 1/2 hours Minimum Charge: 3 hours.

As you are not expected to pay the sitter travelling time or costs it is expected that you honour the 3 hour booking, even if you return beforehand. Cancellations: There is a cancellation fee of £10 payable to the sitter if a sitting is cancelled within 24 hours and the minimum 3 hour charge if a sitter is cancelled within 2 hours of the sitting.

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